Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hi All,
Tonight I was in the 10th row center for Tina (thank you Elle) for the first Chicago show. After seeing her both in Kansas City and tonight, there was a very noticeable difference. Tonight, Tina was MUCH more relaxed and was the best I have ever seen her (and that is out of 33 concerts!). She was perfect! Plus, while the KC audience was great, the Chicago audience was on fire! I have never heard a U.S. audience sing along with Proud Mary so loudly as I did tonight. Tina was very pleased and commented that the audience gave her "quite a boost".

Also, Oprah, Stedman, Gayle King and Tom Cruise were all four rows in front of me. There was a huge commotion when they entered the arena. Tina ackowledged them and even dedicated a song to "Tom".

It was a wonderful experience!!

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