Saturday, October 4, 2008

The first show here in Chicago was unbelievable. Tina was so full of energy and she did some other things last night that she didn't do in Kanass. At the end of Be Good, Stacy Cambell and Tina did the rock'n foot work at the end of the song like they did in 24/7 and Tina was awesome.
Also she was so happy that so many were there to see her she said " this is only our second night of the tour and you have given us the confidence that we need." She also sang alot of the "what you see is what you get" with John Miles.The crowd was on fire and rock'n and she blew the roof off during Simple the Best and Proud Mary, everybody was up and out of their seat and singing with her.
Just as she was ready to do Proud Mary she said "this is an old one but not as old as me." She was very relaxed and excited and very happy and on Nutbush everybody was up and singing with her agin and she didn't want to end that song she just kept on with "Nutbush say it one mo time."
I must say it was better than opening night, I think that this night proved to her that her fans are still there for her and that we do want to see her and that she made the right decision to do this tour. Can't wait to see her again tonight. YEAHSo all of you be ready to ROCK with the QUEEN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the best,Karen

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