Friday, October 17, 2008


Pete’s (from Columbus) review is very accurate. I had floor seats for the first of 2 LA shows and have seen her many, many times. For me and all the fans, every Tina performance is INCREDIBLE and TRULY an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. This concert is no exception. Highlights for me were “Goldeneye” (the set piece is awesome!), the blues set that opens the 2nd act…my favorite rendition of “I Can’t Stand the Rain”, “Proud Mary” of course and “Nutbush”—No one knows how to reach out to the fans like Tina!!!!

Having said all that, I do have to agree with Pete on a lot of the points he raised. Keep in mind as you read this that I VERY MUCH REALIZE that this was only the 7th performance and that it does take time to find a rhythm and work out the kinks. First off, I would have to say that I’m not really sure what to make of the Ninjas except for the fact that they offer a distraction while she changes costumes. However, in past shows she has never had to use this particular distraction and I would hope that the Ninjas play better and translate better in the larger European arenas than in the small U.S. venues. But, to be fair, I think Tina’s team wants to stay current and keep up with the trends on the road and using acrobatic/dance crew troupes has become something of the norm in a lot of the large-scale productions/tours.

Secondly, having a technical production background in live events myself, there is one rule: You only get to make the mistake once. I am certain that the curtain not closing will never happen again. I was surprised that there was no Plan B (stage managers and production managers are trained to always plan for the worst.) There could have been an “emergency black drop” that flew in or a set of escape stairs off of the back of the platform so that she could have at least gotten down without doing it in front of the entire crowd with the house lights up. Although she is a PRO and did it with grace, I am sure it was a little embarrassing.

Both Los Angeles reviews and Pete’s review touched on the “Thunder Dome” wig. It really is odd looking and I would be VERY surprised if this wig is not cut from subsequent shows. In fact, I hope it is. I would imagine if you were really far away…say in a large Arena, it might play OK but if you are close, it looks strange and unnecessary.

To end on an up note, Tina is 68 going on 45!!!!! She looks amazing!!!!!! Her energy was right where it should be. Her powerful and raw vocals are at 100%. Although Ann Powers from the LA Times said that she went off-key a few times in one song (I believe it was “What’s Love…”)… response to Ann will be: “Did it ever occur to you that sound mixing problems can cause a performer to not hear what they need to in order to be on pitch? There is A LOT happening on stage at a rock concert….having pitch problems in one song is hardly something to be noted. You might want to pay more attention to the technical mishaps instead of blaming a performer.”

Sorry, but Los Angeles critics bug me especially when they don’t list all the facts.

Turns out I was lucky enough to get tickets to tonight’s last Los Angeles show. I think I am even more excited the second time around!!!! And this time, I’m going to try and get my camera in.

Tina is awe-inspiring and is THE QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL and A TRUE ICONIC LEGEND now and always!!!!!!

Have fun everyone and keep rockin’ on!!!!! I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs about the tour!

Sheree – Los Angeles, CA