Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I was very excited when I arrived in Vienna to see Tina on 8. February. I have read so many reports about the concerts and all of them were great. I had been so impatient, but at last I was there and it was unforgettable.
This woman is wonderful, marvelous, amazing. I cannot find the words to write what I truly felt. Tina was dancing and singing without any strain during the two-hour show. She has still her special emission that makes everybody crazy.
She was sparkling as the evening star and for me she will be in the sky forever. I had goose bumps as I was listening to her and singing with her and went crazy.
I think everyone went home with an unforgettable experience. I was sitting “only” in the 12th row, but I did not mind because I was happy to be there. I was standing (of course with many others) almost the whole time, but during intermission an angry man came up and told me not to stand up, because he hadn’t paid 200 EUR for looking at my back. I told him to stand up as well, but he was very upset and cried, but I was very calm and promised to sit (maybe he was Hungarian – hihi).
I must tell you that during the second part everybody was standing, so I did not care any more about this crazy man. Just enjoy our admirable QUEEN, who is still simply the best!Unfortunately, my pictures are not so good. My camera went crazy as well, because there is a wrong date in the pictures.All the best and LOVE


Friday, February 6, 2009