Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dallas last night Tina was HOT!!!!!!!!!! The sold out crowd was on their feet the whole concert, it was AWESOME. Tina was in PRIME form. She came out, give it to me mmaawwhh, mmaawwhh, mmaawwhh. She played and interacted with the crowd off and on the whole show. Tina was so happy and you could tell that she was having the time of her life and enjoying every minute of it.
She was and is just undescribable, just unbelievable. Her voice is so strong and powerful. She "ROCKED" the house with Addicted To Love, Simple The Best, Proud Mary. Help and Let's Stay Together was off the chain. During Nutbush she said "everybody over here, everybody up there and everybody DOWN HERE, say it, say Nutbush say it one mo time". I am still on a" Tina "high from this show. I don't know how she does it but she just gets better and better. She is "Simply The Best" THE QUEEN OF ROCK'N ROLL.
Great to see all the other fans there.
All The Best

Dallas was off the chain. The packed house never set down...The whole concert was a standing ovation. People were just AMAZED at Tina. She has never rocked the house like this. I am just blown away again. It was fun to see her play with the audience on What's Love again. And stood in the middle of that 'arm' and joked with the audience, while everyone was gasping. Guy's I am telling you her voice was beyond fabulous. She danced like nobody was watching. At one point during Typical Male she tossed that lion mane head of hers around in a whirl of circles while shaking that body and the crowd flipped out. Man, Help was better than I had ever heard it in 20 years, really. I can't imagine this tour not ending up on DVD, it is just to amazing. Long live the Queen.

Michael Anthamatten