Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Thursday, Dolder Grand Hotel - 7.36 pm Birthday girl Tina Turner flits through the hotel lobby on the arm of her partner Erwin Bach.
Tina Turner - also with 70, she looks fabulous. She wears a subtle olive-dress, black suede high heels, and her famous ray like smile. The pair, shielded by securities goes into the basement. There, in the "Garden" room, the birthday party with many friends takes place ....
Glitz and glamour! The hall is adorned with lush bouquets of orchids. Tina's friends perform a dance. A film shows all the highlights from the turbulent life of the soul singer. Of course, Tina's biggest hits - "Nut bush City Limits," "Proud Mary" booming - from the speakers. Again and again, the guests applaud enthusiastically.
The majority of guests come from the world of music and business. These include the German singer Herbert Grönemeyer, boutiques Queen Trudie Goetz, Concert King André Béchir, entrepreneurs Sami Bollag and celebrity photographer Alberto Venzago.
Tina now takes the microphone this time not to sing. In a short speech she thanked them for the support and friendship she got from all those people present. and thanks also for all the birthday greetings.
The birthday wishes come from the heart. Publishers couple Ellen and Michael Ringier wish Tina, "to continue the joy of life and health, which she has." Film producer and Oscar winner Arthur Cohn wished her "that she always remains faithful in dignity." And Nestlé Administrator Carolina Muller-Mohl and her partner, Roger Lehmann wish Tina simply "more of the same!"
The Banquet - four soups, steak, dessert, appetizers - lasts until after midnight. Now, the guests begin to dance. You can see the joy of this party in Tina’s face.
A truly happy Birthday!"

Translated by Anja Offerman

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last Friday we released a special edition of the Beyond album (the Gold Edition) which includes three brand new titles with Tina.
In order to celebrate Tina’s great anniversary we included a special interactive wallpaper on the beyond website:

Fans can directly send a birthday greeting to Tina (in the wallpaper) which will be later posted on the website and can also participate in a special contest to win a copy of the Gold Editon, signed by Tina.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tina's birthday is coming up very soon, November 26. Do you want to participate in her wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY?
To see all the details, please visit: for all the info!
We are counting on you!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 18, 2009
Gelredome TINA TURNER "Tina Live' DVD/CD 2 DISC SET

Released 28th September
2008 saw the Queen of Rock "n" Roll, Tina Turner return to the live circuit and announce the ‘Tina Turner's 50th Anniversary Concert Tour’ much to the delight of her fans. The tour kicked off in Kansas in October 2008 and continued for six months visiting over ten countries in two continents.
Tina performed an astounding ninety shows, repeatedly selling out, with nightly standing ovations. Millions of fans and critics alike were blown away by Tina’s age defying high-octane performances showing that the star has no sign of slowing down at nearly 70 years young. The megastar delivered an energetic, powerful, uncompromised two hour set performing classic hits with incredible musicians, vocalists, dancers and ninjas, supported by stunning production, innovative choreography, spectacular lighting, pyrotechnics and much more.
As Tina finished the final show in Sheffield in May 2009 she said, “I have been overwhelmed, astounded and taken to new heights by the reaction of the thousands of fans who came to see me every night. This has been a tour to remember, to hold dear in my heart and what a way to celebrate my 50 years in the business…to sum up…it’s been super!”
To commemorate this record breaking world tour Parlophone will release the Tina Live DVD on 28th September. The DVD was filmed at GelreDome, Arnhem in Holland in March 2009 where Tina played to an enormous crowd of 70,000 people.
Directed by David Mallet for Serpent Productions, he says, ‘Tina is modest. The credits for her stage career should always have read "staged by Tina Turner". As such it has been a positive pleasure over the years to translate her intentions onto film.”
This breathtaking footage is filmed in HD and mixed in 5.1 surround sound. At over two hours long it features all of her much loved songs including, ‘The Best', 'Private Dancer' and the powerful 'We Don't Need Another Hero'.
Tracklisting as follows:
01. Steamy Windows
02. Typical Male
03. River Deep, Mountain High
04. What You Get Is What You See
05. Better Be Good To Me
06. Acid Queen
07. What's Love Got To Do With It
08. Private Dancer
09. We Don't Need Another Hero
10. Help
11. Let's Stay Together
12. Undercover Agent For The Blues
13. I Can't Stand The Rain
14. Jumping Jack Flash/It's Only Rock N Roll
15. Golden Eye
16. Addicted To Love
17. The Best
18. Proud Mary
19. Nutbush City Limits
20. Be Tender With Me Baby

A Tina Live CD serves as an accompaniment to this visual spectacular. Tracklisting as follows;
01. Steamy Windows
02. River Deep, Mountain High
03. What You Get Is What You Seev
04. Better Be Good To Me
05. What's Love Got To Do With It
06. Private Dancer
07. We Don't Need Another Hero
08. Lets Stay Together
09. Jumpin' Jack Flash
10. It's Only Rock And Roll (But I Like It)
11. Goldeneye
12. Addicted To Love
13. The Best
14. Proud Maryv
15. Nutbush City Limits

What the critics said about the Tina Live tour;
“A perfect arena show that delivers both spectacle and triumph... This show offers nothing but her hits, and is all the better for it... Tina has energy and a raw power...and a presence that has always moved audiences.” - SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE

“Tina still has the professionalism, enthusiasm and looks for the task...this show was a culmination of every scrap of stagecraft accumulated in a musical lifetime....still every bit the glamorous but down-to-earth soul mama... The show was a visual banquet full of infectious energy” - FINANCIAL TIMES

"Bursting at the seams with booty-shaking..the climatic finale saw Tina emerge on a contraption lifting her into the bosom of the roaring crowd... Lady T, We salute you! " - DAILY STAR

"Tina proved beyond doubt that she is still simply the best, showing off a great set of pins as she writhed with dancers.." - DAILY MIRROR

"Tina stood like a ship's captain on the prow of a long gantry that swung into the audience as she cheer-led them through Nutbush City Limits" - DAILY EXPRESS

"Costume changes galore, hot dance routines and blistering musicianship.. the tour visits the UK next March and April. Spring chickens Madonna and Kylie take note. This is how to do it." - THE SUN

Friday, May 29, 2009

This photo is the winner for the month April. Please send us your address so we can mail your price.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


After watching Tina perform in Toronto last December, I did not think life could get much better! Then my wife suggested we go to Europe for the first time so that we could see Tina in concert again. ITTF president Elle was instrumental in assuring me that we could get fan club tickets, so we made plans to go to London for the March concerts. When we arrived, I realized I was not the only one who had the same great idea. We met Eren, who had journeyed from San Diego, California. There were also girls from Scotland and Plymouth England, Anja from Germany and long time fan Lucas. Of course Elle was there, and many other fans. The shows were amazing: Tina looked, sang and danced superbly, the lavish set changes were incredible, the band rocked on nonstop, the backup singers had great vocals, and the dancers were perfection in their movements and the way they complimented Tina's performance. Several fans, including myself, got to meet Philip, one of the Ninjas; they really have great martial arts moves. The fans were extremely enthusiastic, and you could tell Tina appreciated it. She said "the audience gave her a special gift by singing 'Lets Stay Together' along with her.' At Tina's coaching, myself and other fans screamed "What's Love Got to Do With It,..., until we were hoarse. Anja, aka "Tueffelberta," brought signs such as "Queen of Rock" to hold up as Tina passed over the audience on the crane during "Nutbush." At least 100 fans in the front rows held up signs saying "THANK YOU" as Tina sang her finale; the sea of signs swayed to the music of "Be Tender With Me Baby." On the night of the March 8th show,Tina apologized that she had a bit of a cold, but she could not disappoint; She gave 200%, belting out each and every song without missing a beat or dance step, and only an occassional small cough in between songs let on that she was really getting sick and would have to cancel the next 2 shows. For the concert on my final night in London, I made my own sign with pictures enlarged from the Toronto concert. It read "Thank You Tina, For an Amazing Show." I held it up as Tina passed directly overhead during "Nutbush." She saw the sign, pointed down at it and smiled at me. And that is a moment I will always remember. Tina once said, "I Always Seem To Get the Best Out of London," and that certainly sums up my experience seeing her there!
Mark from Erie, Pennsylvania USA