Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a wonderful night!!! Tina was again, on all cylinders and Iwas able to get pictures plus the entire video of "Be Tender". I'm in the airport, on my way home, but will send the link as soon as I can after I get home. The crowd pretty much stayed on their feet and it was easy to tell that Tina loved the love that was being given to her. The only 'mishap' that I caught was when Claire stepped on Tina's foot when they were doing Nutush (I'm pretty sure that was the song - it was towards the end). Tina gave her the same look she gave Beyonce when she stepped on Tina's foot at the Grammy's. Claire just grinned (not much she could do - sure couldn't stop dancing and say 'are you alright?? LOL) and Tina forged on as usual. I'll send the pictures later on - or at least a link to them. I was on the 3rd row and even though security said "no pictures", as soon as Tina started singing I think they got so involved w/ the show they didn't care!!

Our winner for the photo contest for the month October is Deb Collette. Her photo was posted 10/04/2008 - 07.44:00 pm.
Kansas City October 1, 2008. Congratulations Deb. Please e-mail us with your address so we can mail you the latest CD called, TINA!