Saturday, October 4, 2008

You guys, I am still psyched about last night. Unfortunately, I don't haveenough money for tonight's concert, but I'll be there for the Mondayconcert. I actually thought of something today, but I'll get to thatin a minute.
Last night was a night to remember. Tina really brought down the houseand even though I wasn't in the front or 15th row, I still had a goodview. I was in Sec. 106/Row 19/Seat 18 and the lady who showed me tomy seat said I had 'the best view in the house' that wasn't front rowand she was right as I got to see everything and I even think Tinamight've saw me when the lights would flash in my direction.
That is,if she was looking in my direction. She might've saw my crazy butt upthere dancing like a fool.Now this is a pretty big 'might've', but nevertheless a possibility. Also, it was cool seeing Oprah and Tom Cruise there and shaking handswith Rev. Jesse Jackson.
Now back to what I was thinking about earlier. This tour has got methinking of the last tour when I went to see her in more cities thanone. Of course, back then I had time and some money. Now I just havesome money.
I want to try and go on the road to see Tina again as mytime and budget allows. I know it'll be great.I look forward to hearing of everyone's experience.
Say, can I postmine on the blog?
David Perry

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