Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tina in Toronto 11-13-08

Thank You, Tina, for an absolutely amazing concert in Toronto. Your voice was as clear and powerful as your recordings. You looked fabulous! Toned and svelte, your dance moves really excited the crowd. I especially liked the silvery outfit from "Jumpin Jack Flash" Your hair style was my favorite of all; many times it seemed as though this was the 1984 Private Dancer Tour, only better. Your band was right on with great music, without overpowerring your vocals. The lavish sets and pyrotechnics made this a once in a lifetime performance! Your dancers looked great with their precision, synchronization, and the way they complimented you. There were only three that night (Solange, Claire, and I think, Djeneba), but actually I think three looked great!

It was so exciting each time you danced. I really enjoyed your edgy dance moves with your guitarists in "Better Be Good To Me, as well as when you danced with your backup singer, shimmied across the floor with your dancers in "The Best, " and of course all the dancing in "Proud Mary" and "Nutbush" You really reach out to the audience; they feel the connection and genuineness in your comments between songs. The Ninjas had some entertaining moves, and I enjoyed the intermission.

The guy next to me was 22 years old and had flown from Brazil to Canada just to see you in concert! Tina, you sang more songs than most performers , but you just have so many great songs to choose from. I'd love to hear "Paradise Is Here," "Silent Wings," "Back Where You Started," "Hold On ,I'm Coming," "Foreign Affair," "Show some Respect," and many more. And You Know Why? Because ,Tina, you are simply the greatest entertainer; this concert is undispured proof that you are the queen.


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