Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm so happy I was able to witness the last week of the tour. Montreal was absolutely FREEZING but the shows were wonderful as always. The Monday night crowd was ok, but Wednesday rocked out. TINA said that she remembered working Montreal many times over the years, but never recalled a response like that (Wednesday night).

Friday in Toronto, when she and Stacy Campbell started their "dance off" during Be Good, TINA actually danced out of her shoe! It was so cute. The shoe came off, and she looked down, and was like,, she just kept dancing! The stage hand grabbed the shoe and held it out for TINA to step into. She was trying to tell him to leave it alone, but he didn't look up. Stacy kept holding onto TINA, and after a few seconds, TINA stepped back into the shoe. I'm sure that most of the audience didn't even know what was happening.

Both Toronto shows were wonderful with great audiences. The last night, I was crying like a school girl as that was probably my last time seeing The Goddess. It has been a wonderful journey, and here's hoping to a second US leg of the tour!!

Take care all.


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