Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi all,

Happy Thanksgiving! Last night's show was very unusual. TINA was fierce as usual, but here are a few observations that distinguished last night from the others.

I think everyone expected some kind of acknowledgement that it was TINA's birthday, but the band did not sing Happy Birthday or anything. The only comment was after intermission when TINA said she had a birthday present of Beyonce and Jayzee (?) coming back stage.

The audience tried to sing Happy Birthday and it was loud enough TINA could hear it (after Nutbush). What seemed like her taking extra bows in response to the birthday song, turned into the final bows. She did not sing Tender With Me Baby. Three stage guys came out on stage and spoke something to TINA, then she waved good bye and walked off stage. The audiences wasn't sure what happened.

Several people in the audience said there is a local law relating to union labor, and that shows are not allowed to continue past 11:00 pm....there were about 8 minutes left until then. Several people thought they had cut TINA's microphone off, but I find that very hard to believe!

After the show, around 12:15 am, I was going up to my hotel room. I was already in the elevator but the elevator didn't work and the doors keep opening on the lobby level. When the doors opened, Malcolm (the stage manager) was standing there with two other crew members. I saw him and asked "Are you Malcolm?" He kind of laughed and said something like "Yes, who wants to know?". He got into the elevator with us and we chatted for a quick minute. I asked him what happened at the end of the show. He said they weren't really sure themselves, but it was some kind of power outage. Who knows what really happened?

Other observations:

The "eye" for Golden Eye never closed all the way, so when TINA appeared behind the eye, you could see her the whole time.

And last, the audience last night was probably the worst audience of all of the 40 shows I have seen of TINA. I was very saddened that her birthday audience would be so quiet for most of the show. I was in the 6th row, and virtually everyone in the first five rows sat down for most of the show. At one point, when the audience finally got loud and stood up, TINA actually said something like, "Are you awake out there?"

So, that's the wrap for now. I'm thankful to see TINA again tonight!


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