Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am new to this site and now I am going thru the 200+ messages.I was at the Chicago show on the 3rd.I was in Row 14 on the floor center stage. It was my first concert ever to see Tina and sadly my last. It was a night that I will never forget. I live in Ohio so the drive to Chicago was only 5hrs not too bad. I was almost late getting to the venue because my stupid GPS thing in my car went crazy when we were near the L train tracks.
I honestly have no idea how I found the venue but we made it.It was awesome seeing Tom Cruise, Oprah and Stedman. My niece saw Jesse Jackson and she got a picture but it is really dark and now it is grainy when I cleaned it up. My anticipation for this concert was incredible.When the show started I had goosebumps so bad. I have some amazing photos and once I figure out how to post them I will.
The arena was definitely rocking throughout the whole show. I still get chills thinking about it. Tina looked amazing and her dancers and band are awesome. Both of her backup singers blew the roof off when they got to take over singing for Tina. I did buy a program and Tina looks her best ever. When she came out and sang Nutbush City Limits and was on the lift and it came out over the audience. I was flipping out. When the lift swiveled over the center she was RIGHT ABOVE ME!! It was freaking awesome.
When she came back to the center she was above us again. I think I blew a vocal cord because I was screaming so loud.I haven't hit that note in years, lol. One point Tina looked over the rail of the lift and looked down and she made eye contact and just smiled. I have an awesome picture of it. When they were taking the lift back to the stage she was standing on the right side of it and we were all pointing and yelling and she pointed back and smiled. Needless to say I didn't get a picture of it but it was an awesome moment. It was truly a night I will never ever forget. I wish I could go to more but Chicago was an expensive trip but the memories will last forever...Jennifer


Jeannine said...

I heard that Tina was doing one last tour and I wanted to bad to see her in person, but was not able. I have always loved Tina, and have always wanted to meet her in person. That has always been one of my dreams. Tina has always been my idol.

Jeannine Powell

Jeannine said...

I want Tina to know that even though I have never been able to see her in concert, I am constantly downloading videos in my computer and playing them out. Tina will always be simply the best.


Juan said...

This is amazing!

Tina is the queen of music for me.

I saw her live in 2000 and I´m not sure I will make it this time, simply because I might be in South America when she comes to Germany in January-February 2009. It´s so difficult to decide what is more important to me, my own particular family life situation or the last chance to see Tina live onstage. The fact is that I´ve been dreaming about my eventual next Tina moment most nights ever since she started this tour and it´s been quite vivid. I hope I can still make it to South America and be back in time to get a good ticket and see her.

The wildest of my wildest dreams is to ever have a chance to have a cup of tea with Tina...

...funny, isn´t it?

Anonymous said...

I saw from a video on youtube that someone was filming the concert at the Kansas City concert.Did everyone see this?He was standing on the floor right in front of the stage.