Monday, October 13, 2008

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Juan said...

All these photos are great! Thanks!
The fact that Tina´s on tour again has changed my life since I heard about it; I have dreams of being to one of her shows almost every night (I haven´t decided where and when yet, but I know I will, and the first thing I do every morning is to check youtube for any eventual new upload.

This current concert is awesome and Tina´s still very much the one she´s always been, she´s broken every age rule, she´s so much more of a living legend than most people realize, I think she deserves still more recognition, and I wish that management and the record companies took it more seriously to promote her latest work and enable a new super smash hit to celebrate her 70th birthday.

I love the return of the longer hair, the lioness look. The costumes for Acid Queen and WDNA Hero are also a great touch, but I simply can´t understand why on Earth they chose the first outfit, that one with the "rectangle" in front, doesn´t it look kind of odd sometimes? To me it looks like a kitchen napkin trying to be glamourous with some glitter on it.

But nothing is perfect, is it?