Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ike & Tina Turner - On The Road: 1971-72

From the camera of Bob Gruen comes this amazing, intimate look at the legendary Ike and Tina Turner at their creative and popular peak. From the hot lights of their unequaled stage show to tender moments crooning the blues with only the cam era as their audience, this is a look inside a hardworking band as well as an iconic couple. 90min. Pre-order here: http://www.cdandlp.com/item/2/0-2101-0-10-0/115530586/ike-tina-turner-on-the-road:-1971-72-dvd-import-zone-2-.html

Friday, July 13, 2012

Understanding Through Singing

by International Tina Turner Fanclub on Thursday, 12 July 2012 at 00:02 ·
Understanding Through Singing
Children Beyond - the 2nd album in the Beyond series fron Tina, Regula and Dechen - repackaged and expanded!
About the project

Dear Friends, welcome to our PledgeMusic page
We’re here to offer you a new and exclusive way to go ‘Beyond’ and help our organisation to spread it’s message of love and peace across many religions and belief systems.
We’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to release the second Beyond album – Children Beyond: United with Children in Prayer. The original pressing of the album had a limited release in Germany, Switzerland & Austria but we are now very happy to present the full album to you here, worldwide outside of these territories where it has already been released, and exclusively with PledgeMusic.
For legal reasons we regret that we are unable to accept pledges from the territories where the record has already been released – Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
This version of the album has been fully repackaged and expanded to include a DVD of the journey of the project, featuring Tina, Regula & Dechen singing with the children, and giving an insight into how the Beyond project works, and also a behind the scenes look at the Seeschau Centre.

We’ve added a number of other items here that you can ‘pledge on’ to help support the work of the Beyond Foundation, to whom 100% of the profits will go. Some of them are signed or bespoke and all are designed to spread the message and bring you happiness, whilst at the same time supporting the work of our charity, allowing us to do more with the children that come to us.
No matter what you ‘pledge’ for from the list on the right hand side, you’ll automatically receive a digital download of the Children Beyond album after we’ve hit our 100% target.
Thanks for your time and best wishes to you all.
Tina, Regula & Dechen

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Thursday, Dolder Grand Hotel - 7.36 pm Birthday girl Tina Turner flits through the hotel lobby on the arm of her partner Erwin Bach.
Tina Turner - also with 70, she looks fabulous. She wears a subtle olive-dress, black suede high heels, and her famous ray like smile. The pair, shielded by securities goes into the basement. There, in the "Garden" room, the birthday party with many friends takes place ....
Glitz and glamour! The hall is adorned with lush bouquets of orchids. Tina's friends perform a dance. A film shows all the highlights from the turbulent life of the soul singer. Of course, Tina's biggest hits - "Nut bush City Limits," "Proud Mary" booming - from the speakers. Again and again, the guests applaud enthusiastically.
The majority of guests come from the world of music and business. These include the German singer Herbert Grönemeyer, boutiques Queen Trudie Goetz, Concert King André Béchir, entrepreneurs Sami Bollag and celebrity photographer Alberto Venzago.
Tina now takes the microphone this time not to sing. In a short speech she thanked them for the support and friendship she got from all those people present. and thanks also for all the birthday greetings.
The birthday wishes come from the heart. Publishers couple Ellen and Michael Ringier wish Tina, "to continue the joy of life and health, which she has." Film producer and Oscar winner Arthur Cohn wished her "that she always remains faithful in dignity." And Nestlé Administrator Carolina Muller-Mohl and her partner, Roger Lehmann wish Tina simply "more of the same!"
The Banquet - four soups, steak, dessert, appetizers - lasts until after midnight. Now, the guests begin to dance. You can see the joy of this party in Tina’s face.
A truly happy Birthday!"

Translated by Anja Offerman